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You really don't want to build your own website, do you? You aren't confident enough, not interested enough, there's not enough hours in your day? And let's face it, you have that super awesome business idea that you would prefer to be working on. Right? 

And I know you want a fancy-pants website because it's your dream, your great idea, your baby. And you can!'s gonna cost you $5-$10k and up. But don't be fooled!

Fact is, you can actually build a website yourself. By using a DIY fully self-managed platform, anyone can now drag and drop their way to template perfection and have a website up and running in mere moments. You can totally do it! And I say, go for it!

Put that $5-10k
to better use


I say go for it with pom poms and cheers because  chances are, your business is a start up. Or perhaps you are an existing small business, trying to improve on the decisions you made back when you were a start up. Whatever your position, I would be willing to bet my pom poms that you could put that 5-10 grand to a much better use.

Now, I'm only going to say it uber expensive website will not. get. you. any more customers at the beginning of your business venture.

An expensive website will not get you any more customers

Reality is, more often than not, a start up doesn't need a whiz bang developed site full of coding and pricey plugins that you will likely never be able to make updates to yourself.


And that's a kicker. A high kick, if you like. You have to be able to update your site simply or, pay an affordable amount for someone else to update it for you. An out of date site means out of sight customers. No one is going to use a business that still has Xmas trading hours from 2017 on their homepage.

But, we have already established that you really, really don't want to build your own website, no matter how easy it is. You need someone to do it for you, don't you?! Well then....then here it is, my very own start up pitch just for you...
The Pitch

Why I'm Great >



Have a look at what's on the menu and then we can chat. 

Explore your options and get advice based on my many years of experience working with varied start-ups and small businesses.

Including but not limited to:

  • current website audit,


  • answer questions that help you figure out the nitty gritty of your idea and what you actually need.

  • Chat around the relevance of social media design & strategy in specific business and the role your website plays in the ever-evolving online environment.

  • Hear me stress to you why the your content and the copy on your website is so, so important. Find out what, why and how to make it work for your business.

  • Look at web options that fit in practically with your business plan.

Idea Development

With guidance, and based on the data gathered from your survey or audit, you get:

  • to choose a template from those on offer.

  • and then, make the platform work for you! Let's customise it just for you and your branding with 

  • design changes could include - but not limited to:​

    • adding your logos

    • your branding

    • fonts

    • colours

    • your imagery

    • infographics

    • your video

    • apps

    • forms

    • ecommerce & shops

    • animation effects  

    • the list goes on!!

  • have your content presented in a clean, understandable and logical way.




Half Hour

Discovery Session


Who doesn't love a freebie. This is a no obligation cup of jo and a chat. I'll wear a watch, because I can get pretty excited while I hear about your amazing ideas and we could talk for hours when you find out how contagious my enthusiasm is.

  • Customised Template Website built on a fully self managed platform.

  • Includes a scrolling home page with anchors and up to 4 basic pages. 

  • Customisation includes basic layout changes, colours, fonts and imagery.

  • Includes stock imagery & icons provided by platform. 

  • Social Feeds, Booking Form, Contact Form, Video embedding included in platform subscription.

  • Half hour tutorial and take-home guide of tips and links on how to make basic web changes.



*Refer to BYO Costs

Pre-Pack Sites

  • Custom Content copy

  • Extra Pages

  • E-commerce

  • Implementation of extra Apps

  • Basic Graphic Design

  • Image Editing

  • Extra Consultation

  • Extra Videos

  • Basic Content Updates

  • Super tricky stuff



Refer to BYO Costs

+ Extras

*BYO Costs

I can't stand unexpected costs so here are a few you should be aware of.

(FYI they aren't my costs, they are expenses you would be hit with from any web developer.)

No add-on or extra costs will ever be added or charged to you without your consultation and approval.


  •  Domain name registration

  • Respective Hosting Subscription costs, as discussed and based on choices from recommended self-managed platform.

Add-Ons & Extras

  • Cost of any extra apps or plugins requested

  • Cost of any fonts that require purchasing

  • Cost of any imagery, icons, graphics that require purchasing

  • Graphic Design & Image Editing if required

  • Custom Email address if you want one (which you should!)

Optional Monthly Service Charge

Consider this a bit of a care package.


I'll keep an eye out for anything bizarre happening on your site and will keep you posted of anything new on the market that could be great for your start up.

I will make basic content updates for you as required. I've made this process super simple for you. Just send me what you need uploaded and I will get them live and online in a jiffy.

The maintenance package is an optional extra that is set up on a monthly direct debit.


Anything super tricky or tasks and extra uploading that you don't have time to do, I can do for $40/hr.

Terri is a fantastic brainstormer and a wealth of knowledge on so many things. She is practical and realistic with energy that is catching! 

The Creative Collective



the official bio.

Over the past 25 years Terri Brauer has earned a living as a designer, a florist, an artist, a copywriter, a visual merchandiser, a personal assistant, a website manager, a blogger and as a business developer.

With the ability to discover entrepreneurial talent and potential, she has a passion for helping start-ups and small businesses. Consulting and providing guidance from initial idea conception through to minimal-cost start-up, Terri’s all-round abilities in design and business enable creative and practical solutions and innovative ideas for clients from sole-operators to incorporated companies.



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